Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tourism - An Introduction

Tourism is a tertiary industry in which services are provided. The industry depends on people and governments having money to spend. Tourism has become one of the world's fastest growing industries, it is an important part of the economy in MEDCs and for many LEDCs, tourism has enabled rapid economic development.

Why has the tourism industry grown?
1. People have more disposable income
2. Falling prices and the development of budget airlines - e.g. Ryanair means that holidays are more affordable
3. People have more leisure time
4. Air travel has made it easier to travel to more distant places.

Although tourism brings many advantages to a country, it also brings disadvantages.

For the OCR A course you need to learn 2 case studies of tourism
1. Tourism in an LEDC - Kenya
2. Tourism in an MEDC - Menorca

We have also studied tourism in the Peak District National Park.

For each case study you need to learn:
1. Why do tourists visit the destination - human and physical attractions?
2. What are the positive and negative impacts of tourism?
3. What management techniques can be used to make tourism in the destination more sustainable?

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