Sunday, April 27, 2008

Practice Paper - Unit 1 People and the Physical World - OCR A

As you enter the last few weeks of revision in the run up to the final exams you should be practicing answering past questions as well as learning the content you have been taught. Over the next couple of days, four interactive practice papers will appear here, one for each of the four units in the OCR A Geography GCSE course. Each paper has a number of past questions (with a focus on the 4 -6 mark questions) drawn from the appropriate unit from a selection of past papers. You can select a random question or tackle all those available. Once you have typed your answer you can print it and a sample answer will appear for you to check to see whether you have covered the key points.

Click below to begin

REMEMBER - Level 3 answers require place specific detail so learn your case studies well!


olliebray said...

Very cool content generator application Rob. Hope all is well. OB

Moodle Fairy said...

These are great, Rob. We don't do this board but it is still useful stuff that I will put up for our Y11's. At first I thought I couldn't as we can't get blogger in school but you've uploaded them to your school site haven't you - so it should be ok :)