Sunday, December 03, 2006

Rivers Revision

Revising the Rivers Unit
We have now come to the end of the Rivers Unit and its time to revise! Here are some resources to help you..

Check list of key concepts to revise:

  1. Hydrological Cycle - key terms (and understanding of inputs, stores & processes)
  2. Drainage Basin - remember this is the land based part of the Hydrological Cycle - learn the key terms (both of drainage basin features e.g. source, watershed etc. and processes e.g. throughflow) and their meanings and be able to distinguish between inputs, stores, processes & outputs
  3. River Processes - erosion, transport and deposition (Learn them!)
  4. The course of a river - you should know the main changes in both river channel and valley as it passes from source to mouth
  5. River Features:- (remember you need to be able to describe and explain the characteristics / formation of each - remember to talk about processes involved) - these include...
  6. Upper Course of the River - v-shaped valleys and waterfalls
  7. Middle Course of the River - meanders and ox-bow lakes
  8. Lower Course of the River - floodplains and levees
  9. Hydrographs - hydrograph features and terms (lag time, discharge, peak rainfall, peak discharge, rising limb, falling limb) and factors affecting hydrographs (e.g. land-use, basin shape etc.)
  10. Case study of Flooding in an MEDC - Lynmouth 1952
  11. Case study of Flooding in an LEDC - Bangladesh 1998 floods
  12. Contrasting flooding between MEDCs and LEDCs (reasons for differences)
Revision Resources:
  • - make good use of your class notes
  • - make use of the blog posts to consolidate your understanding / go over anything you are not sure on (to access previous posts - use blog archive list on the left hand side of the blog) - remember there are various links to animations etc. to help you!
Interactive Revision Quizzes:
You must learn your notes (particularly case study detail) but once you have revised from your notes there are lots of interactive revision quizzes etc. here for you to test yourself! (if you spot any mistake - e-mail me!)


Amelia said...

unbelievably useful! i am very greatful, studying GCSE OCR SPEC A
and found this blog better than all the sites i have previously visited, including BITESIZE and other leading internet GCSE revision sources.
thanks again!

Mr Chambers said...

Thank you Amelia - I'm glad it has been helpful. Hopefully by the summer exams there will be posts covering the majority of the OCR A syllabus. All the best with your GCSE course.