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Flooding in an MEDC - The 2004 Boscastle Flood

The Boscastle Floods of 2004

Flash floods such as those that resulted in the flooding Lynmouth back in 1952 are often caused by a combination of factors which as well as sustained heavy rainfall, includes consideration of the relief and drainage of an area. In 2004, almost exactly 52 years to the day after Lynmouth's disaster, Boscastle, a town in north Cornwall suffered a fate simillar to that of Lynmouth as 6cm of rain fell in two hours resulting in a 3m high wall of water rushing through the village. This BBC newspaper article summaries the causes of the Boscastle flood - look for similarities in the cause between this flood and the one you have studied that affected Lynmouth in 1952.

The village of Boscastle suffered extensive damage after the flood and the Environment Agency have released this excellent (but detailed) document summarising the causes, effects and responses to the Boscastle flood entitled "
living with the risk".

6 buildings and many cars were washed into the sea and boats and other debris was washed into the sea. Thankfully unlike Lynmouth, in the Boscastle floods there were no major injuries or loss of life - even more amazing when you see the pictures and video footage of the devastation caused. If you are interested in finding out more the following links provide further information on the causes and effects of the Boscastle flood - there are also some great pictures and short video clips showing the devastation.

North Cornwall Flooding Updates - provides a useful summary of day by day updates from the time of the flood
Wikipedia Article - Boscastle Flood 2004
Boscastle a 'tourist ghost town' (BBC Article)
Devastation in Boscastle (BBC Cornwall) - great site including audio file interviews with villagers
Villagers describe flood horror (BBC article)
Dozens rescued from flash floods (BBC article)
Village 'unlikely to flood again' (BBC article)

Photo Galleries
In Pictures - Then and Now (Boscastle Flood) (BBC) - excellent site showing very clear photographs of the devasted areas before and after the floods;
The devastation and clean up operation (BBC)
Repair work being undertaken in Boscastle
Photographs of the 2004 Boscastle Flood

Video Reports on the flooding
BBC 2004 video report on the Boscastle Floods (see top side link)
BBC video report on Boscastle as it is now (see bottom video link)

Mr Allway of has added an excellent activity to his website comparing the Boscastle and Lynmouth floods - well worth a look!

Source of Photographs: Wikipedia Creative Commons - Benjamin Evans

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