Monday, October 30, 2006

The Hydrological Cycle

For the first part of this unit you need to ensure that you have a good understanding of the Hydrological Cycle which represents the movement of water between the land, air and sea. The hydrological cycle is a closed system with a fixed amount of water, however this water may be in one of 3 states, liquid, gas or solid (ice) and although it may be moving it may also be in storage. Make sure you understand the hydrological cycle diagram and all its inputs, stores and transfers.
1. Evapotranspiration; 2. Condensation;
3. Precipitation; 4. Infiltration; 5. Throughflow; 6. Runoff; 7. Groundwater flow and 8. Evaporation

Now test yourself by having a go at the following Hydrological Cycle Quiz - simply drag and drop the key words into the correct position on the diagram.

Now check your understanding:

Try testing yourself on the different processes using these Hydrological Cycle Flash Cards
Now try this multiple choice quiz to test yourself.

Here are a couple of fun quizzes to also check your understanding of the key terms:
1. Hydrological Cycle Penalty Shootout (why not try the 2 player game against a friend!)
2. Hydrological Cycle Multiple Choice Key Terms Quiz

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