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Settlement Revision

Revising the Settlement Unit
Having completed the settlement unit, here is a summary of what you need to revise and some resources to help you.

Check list of key concepts to revise:

1. Land-Use zones - you need to be able to describe and account for differences between the characteristics of land-use zones within settlements - remember the zones within the Burgess model - CBD; Inner City; Inner Suburbs; Outer Suburbs; Rural-urban fringe;

2. Conflict at the Urban-Rural Fringe - be aware of the conflicts between land-users at the rural-urban fringe, types of development that locate in this area and strategies to try and reduce urban sprawl, e.g. green belts.

3. Case Study of Urban Regeneration - make sure that you are able to discuss a case study of urban regeneration such as the London Docklands - remember you must be able to give clear locational detail and specific facts and figures to reach the highest marks.

4. Case Study of Urban Traffic Management - remember to learn a case study such as traffic management in Cambridge - again you must be able to give clear locational detail and specific facts and figures to reach the highest marks.

5. Know a case study of the attractions and problems of an out-of-town shopping centre (e.g. Meadowhall, Sheffield)

6. Understand the causes and consequences of counterurbanisation (urban-rural migration), the impact on suburbanised villages and the impact of second homes in relation to changes in village populations.

7. Understand the concept of a settlement hierarchy and the interdependence of a town and its surrounding area (e.g. sphere of influence, threshold population etc.)

8. Make sure you are away of what is meant by the site and situation of a settlement and that you are able to make use of OS map evidence to describe site and situation (this is commonly required in the skills paper).

Revision Resources:
- make good use of your class notes
- make use of blog posts to consolidate your understanding / recap concepts you are less sure of (to access previous posts - use blog archive list on the left hand side of the blog - March-August posts) - remember there are various links to animations etc. to help you.

Interactive Revision Quizzes:
You must learn your notes (particularly case study detail) but once you have revised from your notes there are some interactive revision quizzes etc. here for you to test yourself.

Settlement Glossary Key Word Flash Cards (definition then key word)
Settlement Glossary Key Word Flash Cards (key word then definition)
Settlement Glossary Key Word Quiz
Settlement Crossword Quiz
Settlement Multiple Choice Quiz

(More to be added)

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