Sunday, March 04, 2007

Inner Cities: Solving the problems - Urban Renewal

Urban Renewal / Urban Redevelopment

By the 1960s, the inner cities has fallen significantly into decline (see previous post). The old terraced houses and the old tenement buildings in Scotland (see photograph) were run down and lacked modern amenities. In response to the problems associated with the decline of the inner city, urban renewal and redevelopment began in the 1960s with many areas in the UK's inner cities being cleared. In their place, multi-storey tower blocks were built. Unfortunately these flats were not as successful as they were designed to be. Despite the better access to modern facilities such as running water and indoor bathrooms, which had been absent in many of the old terraced houses which had been demolished, further social problems were created. The diagram belwo outlines some of the perceived advantages and the problems that were associated with this 1950s/60s urban renewal.

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